martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

¿Common Sense or Ukraine?

One of the characteristics of these times is a lack of imagination.

The Cold War was a consequence of ideological differences between Western countries and Russia.There is a theory , I subscribe to it, that the communist process in Russia was the way ( subconscious ) to approximate the production model of Czarist Russia to Western free-market model . That is a fact.

The internal collapse of the Soviet model, which produced an extraordinary change that has resulted in today's Russia , has aligned its economy to Western .

Return to a situation of estrangement between Russia and Western countries is a throwback to anything.

Meanwhile, a silent China establishes agreements with Latin American countries, African slowly declining, the old areas of influence of the western countries .

When will intelligence work ?

Did not appropriate for all Russians , Americans and Europeans to establish a block that balance Chinese power ?

When Napoleon dominated Europe, England, Prussia and Russia realized that the only way to win was to join between them.

How those leaders understood their time and you do not?

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